• Data is the new oil

    Privacy is the new currency

  • 40fy.io

    We scan the internet and acquire data that can be transformed into threat intelligence feeds or security reports. We can also consume data sources and apply machine learning models to analyse and correlate data.


    Cyberfables will take you on a learning adventure that will teach you about the perils of security, and show you how you can protect yourself and those around you.

  • Using data to answer questions...

    At BinaryEdge we combine Science and Engineering to identify and solve Cybersecurity problems.

    DataScience and Engineering

    Leveraging the best of both worlds...

    By combining our engineering knowledge with DataScience methodology, algorithms and tools we are able to acquire, correlate and transform data to find outputs, patterns and outliers that help you answer the questions you have.


    Intelligent security

    We focus our science and engineering on solving cybersecurity problems.

    For us Privacy is king.

    Our motto is "Data is the new oil, privacy is the new currency".

  • About us

    Who is BinaryEdge?

    BinaryEdge is

    A multifunctional team located in Zürich, Switzerland that focus their effort on acquiring, analyzing and classifying internet wide data by combining efforts in the areas of Cybersecurity, Data science and Machine learning.

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    Frontend Engineer

    If your passion is user interfaces, designing them, developing them, learning from your users and reshaping the way they see and use products and data, this one is for you!


    Software Engineer

    Distributed systems get a smile on your face, realtime is the only time your work on, you live eat and breathe software architectures? Check this one out!