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Focus on Cybersecurity, Data science and Machine learning. Scale via software, automation and re-usable technology.

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Who is BinaryEdge?

Be Ready.
Be Safe.
Be Secure.

We are a multifunctional team that focus its effort on acquiring, analyzing and classifying internet wide data, by combining efforts in the areas of Cybersecurity, Engineering and Data Science

We have developed a platform - 40fy - and launched a mobile application - Cyberfables - which is available for iOS and tvOS.

Besides working in the development of our products, we write a Blog where we periodically share our studies on cybersecurity of countries, technologies, services, among others. Just last year, we published a report on cybersecurity, called “Internet Security Exposure 2016”, which can be downloaded here.

If you’re looking for data about the entire internet space or if you’re interested in having real time perimeter monitoring, please contact us. BinaryEdge is always looking for interesting partnerships and people to join its ranks.

Using data to answer questions

We combine Science and Engineering to identify and solve Cybersecurity problems.

Data Science and Engineering

Leveraging the best of both worlds...

By combining Engineering knowledge with Data Science methodologies, algorithms and tools, we are able to acquire, correlate and transform data to find relevant information.


Intelligent security

Everyday, more and more companies expose their servers and services to the internet, increasing the attack surface that can be targeted by hackers. We scan the entire internet and create real-time threat intelligence streams and reports that show the exposure of an infrastructure.
For us, privacy is king.

Our Numbers


Scanning events


port scans


torrents monitored (and increasing)

Our Products


Scanning the entire internet space and acquiring data that can be transformed into threat intelligence feeds or security reports.” We analyse and correlate data by consuming multiple data sources

A realtime stream provides you with a simple and quick way to view all the data gathered. 40fy can also be accessed via web platform.

Learn more about 40fy


Cyberfables will take you on a learning adventure that will teach you about the perils of security, and show you how you can protect yourself and those around you.

Visit Cyberfables


BE Monit will help your company identify security problems and find out just how vulnerable your network is to the outside world. You will be provided with detailed up to date information and reports about the services

This product is currently under development and has a few beta testers.
Contact us for more information

Coming soon



We work with selected customers as advisors in the areas of distributed systems, data science, cloud and cybersecurity

Security Testing

We provide cybersecurity services such as: Pentesting, Red Team exercises, Training, Forensic analysis and Disaster recovery


Thinking about investing into a startup but not sure about their technology practices? We can review it and provide you with a report.


Business Contact

BinaryEdge AG
Freigutstrasse 40
8001 Zurich

+41 78 713 40 00
[email protected]

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If you need information about BinaryEdge AG, please contact us: [email protected]
For all enquiries about our products, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
If you find any issues with our API or one of our products, please contact us at [email protected]

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Current positions

Frontend Engineer

If your passion is user interfaces, designing them, developing them, learning from your users and reshaping the way they see and use products and data, this one is for you!


Software Engineer

Distributed systems get a smile on your face, realtime is the only time your work on, you live eat and breathe software architectures? Check this one out!

If you are interested in joining our team: [email protected]