Who is BinaryEdge?

Be Ready.
Be Safe.
Be Secure.

We are a multifunctional team that focus its effort on acquiring, analyzing and classifying internet wide data, by combining efforts in the areas of Cybersecurity, Engineering and Data Science

Besides working in the development of our products, we write a blog where we periodically share our studies on cybersecurity of countries, technologies, services, among others. In 2016 we published our first report on cybersecurity, called “Internet Security Exposure 2016”, which can be downloaded here.

If you’re looking for data about the entire internet space or if you’re interested in having real time perimeter monitoring, please contact us. BinaryEdge is always looking for interesting partnerships and people to join its ranks.


The Register

Misconfigured Big Data apps are leaking data like sieves
BinaryEdge concludes that it found close to 1,175 terabytes (or 1.1 petabytes) of data exposed online, after looking into just four technologies as part of an online scan"

IT News

Companies leaking big data troves onto the internet
"Binaryedge said it discovered almost 200,000 big data systems that were publicly addressable. Such systems were found running on a wide range of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses."

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